I’ve been working to understand the ancient landscape and people of Lycia (southwest Turkey) since 1997. Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), I’ve worked on two projects in upland ‘nothern’ Lycia: the Hacımusalar Project in the Elmalı Basin and the Çaltılar Archaeological Project in the Seki Basin. Located here are reports and links about those projects.

Caltilar2014posterÇaltılar Archaeological Project Info (2012-)

Project websites:

Project publications:

Project news and reports:

Hacımusalar Project Regional Survey (1997-2005)

  • The Hacımusalar Project Regional Survey: landscape and settlement investigations in the Elmalı Basin,” a PDF report accompanying a poster presented at the IIIrd International Symposium on Lycia in Antalya, Turkey; 7-10 November 2005. This paper was submitted for the publication of the conference proceedings, but was not included due to a misunderstanding between the Turkish and American project directors. Document date: 9 January 2006. Document illustrations:
    • Figure 1: General map of the Elmalı Basin
    • Figure 2: Intensive survey sample and principal sites
    • Figure 3: Details of major surveyed sites and their periods of occupation
    • Figure 4: Map of partially reconstructed road network in the Elmalı Basin
  • The Hacımusalar Regional Survey: summary, 1997-2001
  • “The Hacımusalar Survey (Elmalı Basin, southwest Turkey), 1997-2000.” Poster for the January 2001 Archaeological Institute of America general meeting. Below are the five sheets for that poster:

Other Resources about Lycia

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