• ROMARCH: AIA meeting 2017, call for papers

    aiaThe first submission deadline for the 118th AIA Annual Meeting is fast approaching.  The 2017 Meeting will be held in Toronto, Canada from January 5–8. We encourage everyone to review the full Call for Papers (available at www.archaeological.org/meeting/CFP) prior to submitting. Submission forms can be accessed at www.archaeological.org/meeting/CFP/forms.

    Deadline for Submissions
    As in past years, all colloquium sessions must be submitted by the first round of deadlines in March. Workshops and open session submissions may be submitted to meet either the March deadlines (if an early decision is needed to acquire a visa or obtain funding) or the second set of deadlines in August. The full submission system will be open through August 21, 2016.  Lightning Session and Roundtable proposals will be accepted through November 13, 2016.  If you expect to be in the field without Internet access you may submit your abstracts early, but you will not be notified of the PAMC’s decision until late September.

    * First Deadline: Sunday, March 13th and Sunday, March 27th (with $25 fee)
    * Second Deadline: Sunday, August 7th and Sunday, August 21st (with $25 fee)

    All submissions must be made electronically by means of the online submission system via the AIA website. All submissions, of course, must pass the PAMC’s vetting process to be put onto the program. The online submission forms and supporting documents are available on the AIA website.


    * View the 2017 Call for Papers: www.archaeological.org/meeting/CFP

    * Online Submission Forms: www.archaeological.org/meeting/CFP/forms