ROMARCH instructions

On 15 April 1995, ROMARCH was founded as the first Internet e-mail discussion and distribution list for early Italian and Roman art and archaeology. Its mission has been to:

  • foster communication between professionals, students, and laypersons;
  • serve as an exchange for queries and answers;
  • be a sounding board for testing ideas and arguments;
  • provide a ‘forum’ for general discussions;
  • act as a bulletin board for recent discoveries and news;
  • supply notices of jobs, excavations, projects, and publications in the field.

ROMARCH is now a blog at:

Fair notice: the full quemdixerechaos site has sections on Pompeii, Latin, Lycia, Archaeology&Technology (incl. GIS and Roman board games), the Liberal Arts, etc., besides ROMARCH. It’s not hard to skip to what you want, though.

Explanation. After existing as a Majordomo emailing list for five years, the project was moved to Yahoo! Groups in 2000. At that time the ROMARCH webpages, which collected links to Roman art and archaeology from across the provinces of the empire, were discontinued, as search engines like Google had obviated indices. The archive of emails from 2000 to the present will continue to reside at the Yahoo! site. This change is meant to refresh and revive the potential and practicality of the list, including easier sharing of files and images, no advertisements, and better visual design. At this point, the email list will continue–with the blog alongside–until such time as it makes sense to close the email list.

There are three ways to participate in the new ROMARCH blog:

  1. Lurk. Visit the blog category page and browse the posts at your leisure:
  2. Follow. Become a Follower of the blog:
    • by RSS feed: get a Feed Reader for your computer or mobile device (e.g., Google ReaderRSSOwlReeder or Feedly), and subscribe to this feed: (Recommended because this way you get fed only the ROMARCH posts).
    • by e-mail: ‘Follow’ buttons are present in the right-hand side column and in the bottom-right corner, and for users logged in to WordPress, an additional Follow option sits on the top admin bar. (Note: following by email means you will be sent ALL posts to, whether related to ROMARCH or not.)
  3. Post. Post to the blog as a:
    • Contributor. A contributor submits posts for review by the administrator (me). The contributor can edit their own post until the administrator approves and publishes it. If you need to edit something after publication, or wish to add an image or file, just let me know.
    • Author. An author can edit, publish, or delete their own posts, and can upload images or files.

If you wish to become a Contributor or Author, please e-mail me, and you will get an e-mail invitation to post at what seems the appropriate level (honestly at first, it will depend on how well I know you; please don’t take your initial placement personally). We’ll see how it goes. I can remove you as a Contributor or Author, but I would do so only if you break the rules of the ROMARCH blog, which are:

  1. No ad hominem (personal) attacks. Let’s observe civil discourse.
  2. No advertisements or monetary appeals (notices of new scholarly publications are allowed, however).
  3. No promotion of the sale of antiquities (including coins). Note that it is OK to have a reasoned discussion of cultural patrimony and heritage management issues.
  4. Moderation. Don’t hog the blog.

When you post as a Contributor or Author, you need to check ‘ROMARCH’ as the Category; this will shunt the post to the ROMARCH category page, where all the posts will reside and be archived. There is lots of other content at the site, and I want to keep it sorted, though all ROMARCH posts will appear on the main home page (that’s a WordPress default).

I will continue to monitor and edit the blog posts as appropriate and necessary for format, corrections, etc.

Questions? contact me at: Thanks for being a part of the conversation.

The permalink to these ROMARCH instructions is:

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