• ROMARCH: Call for Participants, Excavations at Roman Carsulae (Italy)

    Excavating the Baths at Carsulae

    June 16 – July 27, 2013

    We are now accepting applications from students and volunteers to participate in our ninth season of excavations of the baths at Roman Carsulae.

    Project and Location
    Carsulae was a Roman city that developed in the late third century BCE along the Via Flaminia, approximately 100 kilometers north of Rome in modern Umbria. The major public buildings of Carsulae were excavated from 1950 to 1970, but most of the ancient city still lies undisturbed in what is now a beautiful archaeological park. The current excavation of the public baths at Carsulae began in 2004. We plan to dedicate the 2013 season to excavating the remainder of the areas beneath the protective roof, and also to developing a long-term plan for the conservation and partial restoration of the bath complex. Continue reading

  • ROMARCH: Archaeologia Bulgaria vol. 17.1

    Archaeologia Bulgarica

    Recent publications:

    Lyudmil Vagalinski


    Archaeologia Bulgarica XVII 2013 #1


    • Bulatović, A.: Oven Models from Early Bronze Age Settlements in Central and Southern Parts of the Balkan Peninsula. Contribution to the Understanding of Cultural Links between Northern Greece and the Central Balkans in the Early Bronze Age…1
    • Dimitrov, Z.: Terracotta Figurines from the Thracian Sanctuary of
      Tatoul …15
    • Ignatov, V. / Gospodinov, K.: Eine reiche Bestattung eines thrakischen Aristokraten aus dem 1. Jh.n.Chr. bei Karanovo, Kreis Nova Zagora, Südbulgarien …27
    • Curta, F.: Seventh-Century Fibulae with Bent Stem in the Balkans…49
    • Doncheva, S. / Penev, I. / Tsekova, G. / Furu, E. / Szikszai, Z. / Uzonyi, I.: Elemental Composition of Metal Artefacts from the 10th c. Metal Art Centre near the Village of Zlatar, Preslav Region, NE Bulgaria …71 Continue reading