ROMARCH: Online Coins of the Roman Empire, new analytical and visualization features

Greetings all,

Recently I implemented some improvements to the analytical and
visualization features in the American Numismatic Society’s OCRE ( project.  Currently all coin types (as
defined by RIC) from Augustus to Antoninus Pius are defined on OCRE.

The new feature enables one to compare, for example, occurrences of Pax,
Clementia, Concordia, and Mars depicted on coins across all emperors and
mints (

The updates are discussed briefly at
documented at

Eventually, we will implement queries which factor in average weights,
diameters, and die axes, e.g., show the average weight of denarii every
quarter century from 25 BC to AD 300 or compare the average weight of
silver coins between the Gallic and Roman Empires every year from 260-275.
The accuracy of such queries is highly dependent upon the number of
institutions that contribute data to OCRE.

The visualization feature has not been rigorously tested, and there are
undoubtedly improvements that can be made or bugs in the system.  I am open
to feedback.

Ethan Gruber

You are welcome to respond

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