ROMARCH: Archaeologica Bulgaria vol. 16 and Lower Danube Roman Limes TOC

The Roman frontier along the Lower Danube

Recent publications:

Lyudmil Vagalinski

Archaeologia Bulgarica XVI 2012 #1


  • Emilov, J. / Megaw, V.: Celts in Thrace? A Re-Examination of the Tomb
    of Mal Tepe, Mezek with Particular Reference to the La Tene Chariot
  • Alexandrova, S.: Тypology and Chronology of the Handmade Pottery of the
    Roman and Early Byzantine Period (I – VI c.) on the Territory of
  • Izdebski, A.: The Changing Landscapes of Byzantine Northern
  • Doncheva, S. / Tsekova, G. / Penev, I. / Nikolova, E. / Furu, E. /
    Szikszai, Z. / Uzonyi, I.: Elemental Composition of Metal Artifacts from
    the Early Medieval Centre for Artistic Metal Finds near the Village of
    Novosel, Shumen Region, NE Bulgaria…67


  • Matthias B. Merkl. Bell Beaker Copper Use in Central Europe. A
    Distinctive Tradition? Archaeopress, BAR International Series 2267, 2011
    (Kuleff, I.)…83
  • Guštin, M. / Jevtić, M. (eds.) The Eastern Celts. The Communities
    between the Alps and the Black Sea. Znanstveno-raziskovalno središče,
    Annales Mediterranei, Koper-Beograd, 2011 (Emilov, J.)…85

Archaeologia Bulgarica XVI 2012 # 2


  • Gurova, M.: Establishing the Identity of Bulgaria’s First Farmers – a
    New Perspective…1
  • Gaydarska, B. / Gurova, M. / Chernakov, D. / Blake, E. / Chapman, J.: A
    place to live, a place to bury and a place to hoard: Understanding
    deposition on and off the Bulgarian tell of Kosharna …27
  • Varbanov, V.: Late Hellenistic Bowls with Relief from Ruse District, NE
  • Russeva, V.: Religion, magic or medicine? New finds of trepanned skulls
    from southeastern Bulgaria,11th-13th c…77
  • Popov, S.: Late Medieval War Hammers…97

Monograph: The Lower Danube Roman Limes (1st– 6th C. AD)
Edited by Lyudmil Vagalinski, Nicolay Sharankov, Sergey Torbatov
526 pp, hard-cover, Sofia 2012, ISBN 978-954-9472-16-5


  • Preface…7
  • Ancient Literary Tradition on Moesi/Moesia (Mid 1st c. BC – Mid 1st c.
    AD) Dilyana Boteva…9
  • The Roman Limes in Bulgaria (1st – 6th c. AD) Rumen Ivanov…23
  • Barrier and Corridor. The Southwest Black Sea Coast as a Cross-Border
    Region of the Imperium Romanum Hristo Preshlenov…43
  • Ancient Economy South of the Lower Danube Limes (the Territory of
    Present-day North Bulgaria) Based on Finds of Tools from the Period of
    the 1st – the Beginning of the 7th c. AD Ivo Cholakov…63
  • Roman Military Equipment from the Bulgarian Lands (1st – 3rd c. AD)
    Evgenia Gencheva…83
  • Development of the Architectural Orders in the Region of the Lower
    Danube Limes (1st – 3rd c. AD) Zdravko Dimitrov…121
  • Roman Portrait Sculpture from the Lower Danube Moesian Limes Rumyana
  • The aqueducts of the Roman camps on the Lower Danube Ivan Tsarov…195
  • On the Working of Bone and Horn in Novae Pavlina Vladkova…211
  • Veterans and Society in Lower Moesia and Thrace during the Principate
    Ilian Boyanov…251
  • Roman Army Religion in the Province of Lower Moesia Oleg
  • Barbarian Invasions in the Roman Provinces of Lower Moesia and Thrace
    in the Mid-3rd c. AD and the Coin Hoards from That Period Varbin
  • The Problem of Destruction by Warfare in Late Antiquity: Archaeological
    Evidence from the Danube Limes Lyudmil Vagalinski…311
  • Christianity along the Lower Danube in the Roman Provinces of Dacia
    Ripensis, Moesia Secunda and Scythia Minor (4th – 6th c. AD) Georgi
  • Burial Rituals in the Period of Late Antiquity on the Territory of the
    Province of Second Moesia Nikola Rusev…381
  • The late antique workshops of jewellery south of the Lower Danube.
    Direct and indirect evidence of local production Boyan Dumanov…405
  • Trimammium – a Roman Castellum and Civitas on the Lower Danube Sergey
  • Life-span of the Settlements in the Provinces of Moesia Secunda and
    Scythia as Evidenced by Coin Finds (late 5th – early 7th c. AD) Stoyan
  • A Necropolis by the Fortress of Legio I Italica at Novae Pavlina
  • The East-Balkan Barrier Wall and the “Gates of Haemus” Complex
    Ventzislav Dintchev…495

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