ROMARCH: Archaeologia Bulgaria vol. 16.3

Archaeologia Bulgarica

Recent publications:

Lyudmil Vagalinski

Archaeologia Bulgarica XVI 2012 #3


  • Kogălniceanu, R.: Human Remains from the Mesolithic to the Chalcolithic
    Period in Southern Romania. An
    Update on the Discoveries…1
  • Pentschev, V.: Teil eines Sammelfunds mit „barbarischen” Nachahmungen
    von Tetradrachmen aus Thasos und
    Maroneia (І. Jh. v.Chr.) aus dem Fonds des Nationalen Historischen
    Museums Sofia…47
  • Jordanov, I.: The Diocese of Thrace (5th – 7th c.) according to the
    Sigillographic Data…57
  • Cholakov, I. D. / Chukalev, K.: Statistical Data on Archaeological
    Field Surveys in Bulgaria,
    2011 Season…77


  • Vagalinski, L. / Sharankov, N. / Torbatov, S. (eds.). The Lower Danube
    Roman Limes (1st– 6th C. AD). Sofia, 2012,
    526 pp., 275 b&w illus. (Breeze, D.)…91
  • Fingarova, G. Die Baugeschichte der Sophienkirche in Sofia. Reichert
    Verlag. Wiesbaden, 2011, 209 S., 191 Tafeln
    (Ivanov, M.)…95

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