ROMARCH: Call for Papers: Archaeological Institute of America 115th Annual Meeting

The AIA is now accepting submissions for its 115th Annual Meeting, which will be held in Chicago, Illinois, January 2-5, 2014. There are several new opportunities to present at the meeting and we encourage everyone to review the full Call for Papers (available at ) prior to submitting.

Deadline for Submissions
As in past years, all organized sessions must be submitted by the first round of deadlines in March. Open session submissions may be submitted to meet either the March deadlines (if an early decision is needed to acquire a visa or obtain funding) or the second set of deadlines in August. The submission system will be open through August 18, 2013. If you expect to be in the field without Internet access you may submit your abstracts early, but you will not be notified of the PAMC’s decision until late September.

* First Deadline: Sunday, March 10, 2013 and Sunday, March 24 (with $25 fee)
* Second Deadline: Sunday, August 4, 2013 and Sunday, August 18 (with $25 fee)

Session Types
The AIA continues to offer both organized (workshops and colloquia) and open sessions. In addition, the AIA added the following new session types in 2013:

* Undergraduate Sessions: The AIA and Program for the Annual Meeting Committee have created two special sessions specifically for undergraduate students who would like an opportunity to present the results of their research at the Annual Meeting, but are not yet ready to participate in the regular program. There will be both an undergraduate colloquium for oral presentations, and an undergraduate poster session. These sessions will provide a fantastic opportunity for undergraduate students to experience the challenges and thrills of presenting at a professional meeting, and they will be held to the same high standards as other participants in the Annual Meeting.

* Lightning Session: This session is intended for brief five-minute presentations on a particular idea (e.g. for a research project, relating to one’s dissertation, etc.) followed by five minutes of feedback from the audience and other participants. The session will be very low pressure and informal, but potentially very useful as a venue to float new ideas. The session will be held outside of the regular session blocks.

* Poster Colloquia: The AIA and the Program for the Annual Meeting Committee are for the first time soliciting poster colloquia. A poster colloquium should be organized around a particular theme, just like a paper colloquium, and submitted at the same time as paper colloquia.

The Full Call for Papers
( and submission instructions are available on the AIA website ( Please review these instructions prior to submitting your abstract or session. All submissions must be made electronically by means of the online submission system via the AIA website. All submissions, of course, must pass the PAMC’s vetting process to be put onto the program. The online submission forms and supporting documents are available on the AIA website.

* View the 2013 Call for Papers:
* Online Submission Forms:

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