ROMARCH: Call for Papers: International Congress on Lusitanian Amphorae

Call For Papers:

International Congress on Lusitanian Amphorae – Production and Diffusion

Tróia, Portugal – 10-13th October 2013

Even though a number of Lusitanian amphora production sites are fairly well known today, and sites like Tróia had a large production capacity for fish products exported in those amphorae, the diffusion of these containers is not well documented.

A review by Portuguese archaeologists of the principal Lusitanian amphorae products, as well as a workshop featuring samples of these amphorae, will contribute to better understanding of these containers. Invited scholars from Italy, Belgium, France, and Spain will present their findings on the long-distance Lusitanian amphorae trade. Presentations from other investigators who wish to contribute to an improved understanding of the role of Lusitanian amphorae in the Roman economy are necessary and welcome.

Details on the congress program, application, and registration appear in the First Circular available here, or downloadable at: Thank you.

Inês Vaz Pinto

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