• ROMARCH: Archaeological Field School in Roman Pottery, Sangro Valley Italy, Summer 2014

    A new Field School in Roman Pottery, associated with Oberlin College’s Sangro Valley Project, is accepting applications for its session to be held from 3 July to 27 July 2014.


    The program’s aim is first to introduce the participants to the study of
    Roman pottery and then for them to apply their knowledge under the guidance of the director and the assistant in processing the ceramic material from the Italian Superintendency’s excavations in the forum on Monte Pallano (Tornareccio, Abruzzo).

    Potsherds constitute the most frequent group of finds on archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. Pottery usually offers the most important evidence for dating sites. Furthermore, ceramological databases provide a good source for investigating issues ranging from trade relations to the consumption patterns of food and questions of identity. Nevertheless, the study of Roman pottery is often considered daunting, and the necessary hands-on experience is difficult to obtain.

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