ROMARCH: Sacred Landscapes in ancient art, Oxford University seminar

Sacred Landscapes in Classical Art

The Emergence of Sacred Travel, Aarhus University & The Classical Art Research Centre, Joint Seminar

Friday 21st November 2014

Organisers: Dr Troels Myrup Kristensen (Aarhus University) and Dr Peter Stewart (University of Oxford)

How, when, and why were sacred landscapes represented in Classical art? What were the meanings and connotations of such images in the Greek and Roman culture?

How did representations interact with other forms of imagery or architecture? Were representations of sacred landscapes in Classical art in any sense depictions of ‘real’ sacred landscapes or do they only depict idealized fantasies? And if so how are they to be approached?

This seminar aims to engage with these questions as aspects of how the sacred was constructed by means of Graeco- Roman art. Speakers may also address the issue of how sacred landscapes were represented in Classical texts, especially in ekphrastic literature.

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All are welcome to attend, but it is essential to book a place in advance by contacting us at: or tel. +44 (0)1865 278083.

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