ROMARCH: Oxford CARC Workshop on Etruscan to Roman Art

CARC Workshop:

‘Etruscan Art to Roman Art? A Reappraisal’
Wednesday 1st & Thursday 2nd October 2014
Lecture Theatre, Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies,
66 St Giles’, Oxford OX1 3LU.

All are welcome! Attendance is free, but please book a place by contacting
For further information please see

Provisional programme (3-9-14) – may be subject to changes:

Wednesday 1st October, 2014

0900 Welcome and Introductory Comments
Dr Peter Stewart (Director, Classical Art Research Centre)
Dr Charlotte Potts (Sybille Haynes Lecturer in Etruscan & Italic Archaeology & Art)

0930 Mid-Italic Hellenism
Prof Maurizio Harari (Pavia)

1030 Break – coffee and tea

1100 Etruscan Influence on Praenestine Mirrors and Cistae
Dr L. Bouke van der Meer (Leiden)

1200 The Roman Scarab Beetle: The Reception of an Etruscan Tradition
Dr Claudia Wagner (Oxford)

1300 Lunch (not provided)

1400 Architectural Mouldings and Latin Identity
Mr Stephen Smith (Royal Holloway)

1500 Personality and Portraits in Central Italy, c. 300 BC – AD 69
Dr Nigel Spivey (Cambridge)

1600 Sources of Roman Hellenism: Consuetudo Italica and Local Reception
Prof Mario Torelli (Perugia)

1700 Concluding comments on day 1.


Thursday 2nd October

0930 The Triumph in Rome and Etruria
Prof Nancy de Grummond (Florida State University)

1030 Break – coffee and tea

1100 Insights, Innovations, and Legacy of Etruscan Wall Painting
Dr Lisa Pieraccini (Berkeley)

1200 Etruscan Influence in Roman Wall-Painting
Dr Katharina Lorenz (Nottingham)

1300 Lunch (not provided)

1400 The Mausoleum of Augustus and Etruscan Precedents.
Prof Peter Holliday (California State University, Long Beach)

1500 The Corinth Puteal and Etruscanizing Roman Art
Dr Susan Walker (Oxford)

1600 Response by Prof Barbara Borg (Exeter);
round-table discussion; concluding comments

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