ROMARCH: Archaeological Field School, Heraclea Sintica, Summer 2016


The Hellenistic and Roman city of Heraclea Sintica is located near the  city of Petrich (SW corner of Bulgaria) which is situated 180 km south  of Sofia (Bulgaria) and 130 km north of Thessaloniki (Greece).

Heraclea Sintica was founded as a Macedonian colony in the end of 4th c. BC. It was the main settlement of the Middle Struma (ancient Strymon) River region till the end of 4th c. AD. Since 2007 systematic archaeological excavations have been carried out.

The current ArchBulg Field School will focus upon Late Roman civilian basilica (3rd ‒ 4th c. AD) and an Early Hellenistic building (end of 4th c. BC).

Details about the summer school and the site can be found at:

Dr. Lyudmil Vagalinski
National Archaeological Institute with Museum

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