ROMARCH: Archaeologia Bulgaria vol. 20, 2016, no. 2

Archaeologia Bulgarica

Archaeologia Bulgarica ХХ 2016 #2
table of contents


Georgieva, P. / Russeva, V.: Human Skull Artifacts–Roundels and a Skull
Cap Fragment from Kozareva Mogila, a Late Eneolithic Site …1

Manov, M. / Torbov, N.: Inscribed Lead Sling Bullets with the Name of
Alexander the Great and with Other Names and Symbols Found in Thrace

Biernacki, A. B. / Klenina, E. Ju.: The Labrum from the Large Legionary
Bathhouse of Novae (Moesia Inferior)…45

Sharankov, N.: Heraclea Sintica in the Second Century AD: New Evidence
from Old Inscriptions…57

Lesigyarski, D. / Zlateva, B. / Kuleff, I.: Investigation of Mortar from
Bulgaria Dated from 5th Century BC fo 13th Century AD…75


Иван ВЪЛЧЕВ. Извънградските светилища в римската провинция Тракия (І‒ІV
век). София 2015 [Ivan VĂLČEV. Außerstädtische Heiligtümer der Provincia
Thracia (1. ‒ 4. Jh. n. Chr.). Sofia 2015] (Oppermann, M.) …95

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