• ROMARCH: Call for Papers: APA session on the Historia Augusta

    Pasts, Presents, and Futures of the Historia Augusta

    Call for papers

    A panel proposed for the 2014 APA Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL

    Co-Organizers: Mary T. Boatwright (Duke University) and Kathryn Langenfeld (Duke University)

    As interest in the later Roman Principate and early Dominate grows and results in ever more historical, literary, cultural, and art historical studies, scholars increasingly turn to the Historia Augusta.  Although notorious for its puzzles and self-contradictions, this is our most extensive historical source reporting information about the second and third centuries CE. Furthermore, its purported Diocletianic/Constantinian date, and the authoritative (though not universally accepted) claim that this collection of imperial biographies was actually written at the end of the fourth century CE, encourages use of the Historia Augusta by those examining the later Roman empire and late antique Rome.  But the complexity of this source means it cannot simply be mined for data convenient for any particular argument, albeit presented with caveats.  More importantly, our deepening understanding of the rich culture and history of the second through fourth centuries CE enables new and beneficial inquiry into all aspects of the Historia Augusta.

    We solicit papers examining historiographical and historical issues in the HA. Continue reading