ROMARCH: Heraclea Sintica Conference, call for papers

Heraclea Sintica: from Hellenistic polis to Roman civitas (4th c. BC – 6th c. AD)

Dates: September 19-21, 2013;
Location: Petrich, Bulgaria; Hotel Bats.
Organizers: National Institute of Archaeology with Museum at Bulgarian
Academy of Sciences, American Research Center in Sofia, Museum of
Sponsors: American Research Center in Sofia, Municipality of Petrich

This international conference will bring together leading scholars to present recent work on the site of Heraclea Sintica, situated near the village of Rupite, ca. 12 km northeast of Petrich, SW Bulgaria. The presentations will be arranged in thematic sections devoted to particular topics, such as, but not limited to:

  1. Historical topography of Heraclea and its city territory, including necropoleis;
  2. Recent archaeological excavations on the site;
  3. Diachronic surveys on literary sources and epigraphic documents;
  4. Religious monuments and associated cult practices;
  5. Patterns of coin circulation as related to economy and local markets.

The conference consists of two parts: presentations and site (Heraclea Sintica) and museum visits (Petrich and Blagoevgrad). Number of participants limited to 20. There is no conference fee. All costs of accommodation, meals and ground transportation for excursions will be covered by the organizers. All papers should be in English and accompanied with a PowerPoint presentation. Presenters should submit an abstract (limited to 400 words) to and by March 15, 2013. Notification of accepted papers will be sent by April 1, 2013.

Preliminary Schedule:

  • Arrival: September 19 – Petrich, registration at Hotel Bats and welcome reception/dinner.
  • Sessions: September 20 – Presentations, 20 minutes each, start at 9.00 am, lunch, end at 5 pm, dinner.
  • Site and museum visits: September 21 – 8.30 am Museum of History, Petrich, continue to Heraclea Sintica and Regional Museum of History, Blagoevgrad.
  • Departure: September 21, afternoon, Blagoevgrad.

The proceedings from the conference will be published by NOUS Publishers in 2014. Deadline for paper submission: December 31, 2013. The papers will be published in English with an extensive summary in Bulgarian.

For any questions relating to this conference, please contact or

Dr. Emil Nankov
Archaeology Program Officer
American Research Center in Sofia
75 Vasil Petleshkov Str.
Sofia 1510, Bulgaria
+359 2 947 9498
+359 879 121 902

You are welcome to respond

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