ROMARCH: Archaeologia Bulgaria vol. 20.3 (2016)

pdf_website_archelogia_bulgarica_3_2016-thumbThe last issue of Archaeologia Bulgarica for 2016:

Lyudmil Vagalinski, editor

Archaeologia Bulgarica ХХ 2016 #3
table of contents


Todorov, B. / Mihaylova, V. / Gergova, D. / Kuleff, I.: The Results of
XRF Analysis of the Early Hellenistic Gold Treasure from the Royal
Necropolis of Dausdava/Helis (NE Bulgaria) …1

Mustaţă, S. / Ferencz, I. V.: The Roman Bronze Vessels from the Dacian
Fortress at Ardeu (Hunedoara County, Romania) …17

Sharankov, N.: An Overlooked Inscription of Ala I Atectorigiana from

Chobanov, T.: Some Metric Observations of the St. Sophia Church in

Curta, F.: Shedding Light on a Murky Matter: Remarks on 6th to Early 7th
Century Clay Lamps in the Balkans…51

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