ROMARCH: Journal of Ancient History, CFP and TOC for 2016.4


The Journal of Ancient History continues to invite submissions of articles. We are committed to a speedy process from submission to publication while maintaining high standards of peer-review.

Please see our website for submission information:

Papers published in 2016:

JAH 4 (2016)

Marc Van De Mieroop, “The Madness of King Rusa: the psychology of despair in eighth century Assyria”

Kevin Clinton, “The Eleusinian Anaktoron of Demeter and Kore: dedicated to Inscriptiones Graecae on the occasion of its 200th Anniversary”

Benedikt Eckhardt, “The Seleucid Administration of Judea, the High
Priesthood and the Rise of the Hasmoneans”

Andrew R. Krause, “Diaspora Synagogues, Leontopolis, and the Other Jewish Temples of Egypt in the Histories of Josephus”

Daniel J. Crosby, “The Case for Another Son of P. Quinctilius Varus: a
re-examination of the textual and scholarly traditions around Joseph. BJ 2.68 and AJ 17.288”

Philip Kaplan, “The Ring of Polycrates: friendship and alliance in the
east Mediterranean”

Marleen K. Termeer, “Roman colonial coinages beyond the city-state: a view from the Samnite world”

Lauren Kinnee, “The Trophy Tableau Monument in Rome: from Marius to Caecilia Metella”

Anna McGrail, “Pupil Punishment: corporal discipline in Roman education”

Gary D. Farney
Editor, Journal of Ancient History
Associate Professor, Department of History
Rutgers University (Newark)
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