ROMARCH: New publication: Greek and Roman terracottas

BCH_Supp_54_Livre .indb

A new book has just been published in France that deals with Greek and Roman
terracottas. Its title:

A. Muller/E. Lafli (eds.), Figurines de terre cuite en Méditerranée
grecque et romaine. Vol 1: Production, diffusion, étude. École française
d’Athènes, Bulletin de correspondance hellénique, supplément 54
(Paris/Athens, École française d’Athènes 2016). Pp. 517; ISBN:

Address for orders: École française d’Athènes, 6, Odos Didotou,
Kolonaki, GR-10680 Athens.
Tel.: +30.210.367 99 22.

Vol. II of the same book was already out in 2015 (for its review: A.
Queyrel Bottineau, Revue des études anciennes 118/2, 2016. 632-635).

Hoping to welcoming you in Lydia Symposium in May 2017;
best wishes from Turkey,


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