• ROMARCH: New publication: Greek and Roman terracottas

    BCH_Supp_54_Livre .indb

    A new book has just been published in France that deals with Greek and Roman
    terracottas. Its title:

    A. Muller/E. Lafli (eds.), Figurines de terre cuite en Méditerranée
    grecque et romaine. Vol 1: Production, diffusion, étude. École française
    d’Athènes, Bulletin de correspondance hellénique, supplément 54
    (Paris/Athens, École française d’Athènes 2016). Pp. 517; ISBN:

    Address for orders: École française d’Athènes, 6, Odos Didotou,
    Kolonaki, GR-10680 Athens.
    Tel.: +30.210.367 99 22.
    E-mail: marina.leclercq@efa.gr

    Vol. II of the same book was already out in 2015 (for its review: A.
    Queyrel Bottineau, Revue des études anciennes 118/2, 2016. 632-635).

    Hoping to welcoming you in Lydia Symposium in May 2017;
    best wishes from Turkey,

    Ergun LAFLI

  • ROMARCH: New publications: Anatolia, Bulgaria, and Rome


    Some recent publications:

    1. E. Lafli and S. Pataci (eds.), Recent Studies on the Archaeology of Anatolia, British Archaeological Reports, International Series 2750 (Oxford 2015). Recent discoveries from across Turkey, with an emphasis on Hellenistic-Byzantine material.
    2. Archaeologia Bulgarica ХІХ 2015 #2: from a Chalcolithic tell to Roman water-supplies to a Byzantine church.
    3. Molly M. Lindner, Portraits of the Vestal Virgins, Priestesses of Ancient Rome (Michigan 2015). Portraits of Rome’s Vestal Virgins as artistic documents and political vehicles.

    Please click through for contents and details.

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